Sunday 4 September 2016

Website back up

The main Deighton Dossier website is back up online.

I have experienced some issues with the site building software, which is no longer supported (Freeway 7), which has meant some of the existing galleries which were integrated into the site aren't available for now - not sure why.

I am working on a completely new website design over coming weeks which will replace this existing site.


  1. Maybe this will be fixed with your website rebuild?

    When I look at the web archive (using Firefox if that is relevant), the description I see for XPD looks wrong:- 'The war in the air seen from US eyes, as this story follows the contrasting lives of two fighter pilots and the bonds that develop between them.'

    Great website. Many thanks. Very useful for me, currently reading and re-reading most of LD's fiction, can't remember which I have read over the years.

  2. All done and updated - thanks and cheers for the nice comments.