Saturday 14 July 2018

Let's go clubbing ...

Shane Whaley over at Spybrary - as if he hasn't got enough on his hands already, what with running the best spy fiction podcast out there - has a new initiative.

He's started a regular monthly book club for listeners to discuss different spy fiction novels each month, not only by recorded their comments up on the website but by recording and broadcasting their comments on a new show, which will feature a number of guests discussing the work and drawing out why the book in question deserves to feature on every spybrarian's bookshelf.

The first novel under discussion? I'm pleased that Shane's asked the Dossier to help with that, and we're going to be discussing Len Deighton's Berlin Game next month.

If you want more information about the book club and this first book - and how you can contribute your views, whether it's the first time you've read the novel or, like me, it's a perennial favourite - click here.

What with the upcoming 4 August Spybrary 'Samsonfest' meetup in Berlin, it's a great opportunity for readers old and new of Deighton's magnum opus to share their views, argue, and agree and disagree about this book (and the nine that follow in the series).

Monday 2 July 2018

Wir treffen uns an der Mauer ...

So, it's on.

The joint Spybrary - Deighton Dossier Berlin 'tref' or 'Samson-Fest' will take place in Berlin on 4 August, when we record an 'outside broadcast' edition of the podcast devoted to the Samson ennealogy.

Join us, if you can.

More information on Spybrary's website.