Thursday 23 June 2016

SS-GB transmission confirmed States-side

Interesting short news snippet in the Hollywood Reporter of interest to Len Deighton readers on the other side of the Atlantic from the UK.

It reports that broadcast and film mogul Harvey Weinstein's television company, Weinstein Television, has secured the US rights to distribute and present SS:GB, which is due to air as one of the BBC's summer blockbusters this year.

Interesting quote from Weinstein: "With Philipp Kadelbach's incredible depiction of the story, there's room for another series."

Presumably, that would require another script from Purvis and Wade or ... who knows ... another SS-GB book? We can only speculate!

Monday 20 June 2016

Mind the Gap ....

In response to a couple of enquiring emails from Deighton Dossier blog and website readers ....

Empty pages can be hard to fill, sometimes
Yes, posting up on the Deighton Dossier website and blog by me in the past few months has been slow .... very slow.

I can only apologise, particularly if it's deprived readers of the opportunity to share thoughts on Len Deighton and his numerous works.

My fault. I have been caught up with other things in my life related to work and suchlike that have demanded my attention, and still do. Having posted vociferously for the past eight years on the blog, hopefully readers will accept the (I hope temporary) slowing down of postings. There's still plenty that could be written about and news, as it arrives - such as the impending showing of SS-GB on BBC TV - will be covered.

However, if any readers have ideas of contributions/post they'd like to make and put up on the blog, website, do get in touch - there are plenty of interesting perspectives to hear anew on Len's works, which I haven't touched upon yet.

While I am caretaker of this website and blog, it should be a resource for the loyal, if small, online community of Len Deighton readers and collectors and I'm happy to support that in any way appropriate.

Thanks for your understanding!