Thursday 18 February 2016

Many Happy Returns to Len ....

Today is Len Deighton's 87th birthday. On behalf of all the readers of this blog, and readers around the world who still enjoy all his works, I say a heart "Happy Birthday" to Len and wish him well.

Though in retirement, Len's keeping very busy and still writing every day and enjoying life. Given Len's prolific output these last 50 years and more, that happy retirement is well deserved.

Friday 12 February 2016

"Thrilling tale of Nasty Nazis" ....

... is a very Daily Mail headline sub-editor sort of way to say that they think SS-GB is going to be quite good!

There's a nice piece in today's Daily Mail today about upcoming TV dramas this year, and it includes a short review of SS-GB, the Sid Gentle Films production of Deighton's great alternative history novels about Douglas Archer, London detective working for the SS in a Nazi-occupied Britain.

The preview highlights the Bond pedigree of the writers behind the script, Purvis and Wade. Expect more 'this summer's highlights' articles to come in coming months, as we look forward to the first Deighton TV adaptation since 1988's Granada TV production of Game, Set and Match.