Friday 30 June 2017

What's the correct term for a group of spy writers?

Not a murder, or a gaggle. A 'briefing' of spy writers, perhaps, or a ... perhaps .... 'dossier of spy writers? Any ideas?

Why am I asking?

This great article on the Spy Writers blog reminds us that it's 33 years ago this week when Len Deighton, HRF Keating, Eric Ambler, Ted Allbeury, John Le Carré and Frederick Forsyth gathered for lunch at the Savoy. The occasion was a surprise 75th birthday for Ambler hosted by Len Deighton.

What a conversation there must have been around the table that day! Think about the collection of spy fiction classics that those around the table have shared with the world. A round table of spy fiction knights, if you will.

Wonder what the cake looked like!


On other matters, Waterstones Gower Street in London is holding a number of events under the 'Summer of Spies' theme, with guest speakers talking about all manner of spy fiction themes. On 29 August they are hosting one on The Ipcress File.

More information is available here.

The week before, writer Mike Ripley - of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang fame, which has just been published - will be talking about the golden age of British thriller books. More information here.