Monday 27 August 2012

MR says LD's SS-GB OK

Author Mike Ripley, creator of the Angel series of comic crime series novels is a friend of this blog who also edits the 'Getting Away with Murder' column at the influential Shot's website. He's also a friend of Len Deighton himself and reader of his works.

Like the Deighton Dossier, Shots has a separate blog - Shotsmag Confidential. Up on the blog recently Mike has written an appreciation of one of Len's ventures into the crime and 'what if?' fiction genres: SS-GB. This is the story about a Great Britain which has lost the Second World War and is under Nazi occupation. Mike's review highlights that such is Len's attention to detail, the reader asks less 'what if?' and more 'did that really happen?'

Check out the post here.


  1. Mmm, re read this last week - a thought provoking book if ever there was one. Great read.

  2. I am a huge fan of historical fiction and alternate history. Very few of them nail it quite like LD did here.