Thursday 10 November 2011

Tracking down Bernard Samson ....

On my last trip to Berlin one of the things I did was to spend a little time tracking down and photographing the locations of some of the key places which feature in the Bernard Samson series of ten books. Any fans of the series who are going to Berlin at any time can use this map as a reference.

However, it's not complete. There's an open invitation to blog readers to add to this map any key locations that I might have missed (particularly from the last two trilogies).

View Bernard Samson's Berlin - Len Deighton's Berlin in a larger map


  1. Kim Philby sites in London

  2. Great idea and well done on putting this map together. I am heading to Berlin later in the year and was going to track down some of these locations myself. I will now use your map as my reference to the Berlin that Deighton describes so well. You can learn so much from the movements of a great fictional character like Bernard Samson.

    1. Well if you find any more sites of interest from the books that should be added to the map, take a photo and we'll add it to the map and the main Deighton Dossier website.