Monday 3 August 2015

Food for thought: Deighton on Radio 4 in August

When last in London, Len Deighton recorded an interview with Radio 4, which will be broadcast at 1230h on 9 August.

The theme is food heroes. Presenter Tim Hayward examines Deighton's qualities for this heroic role by looking at the way he changed people's understanding of food and cooking in the 'sixties through his Action Cookbook, and the wider influence food has had on his life, from his time as a pastry chef in a London hotel through to the present day.

Sounds interesting.

You can access the programme online here, after the original broadcast next week.

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  1. Hi all

    I'm looking forward to this programme as an avid fan of Deighton, his cooking strips and Tim Hayward.

    If you subscribe to the Food Programme's podcast I think you will be able to keep the podcast forever as opposed to the ordinary streamed or downloaded versions which will disappear after a while.

    Thanks for the site by the way - it's very useful