Monday 31 December 2012

New Year wishes to all readers of this blog

May I wish all visitors to the Deighton Dossier blog - and the main website - a Happy New Year for 2013 and to thank you for visiting the site and for sharing your comments on a great number of the posts I've put up over the past twelve months.

Espionage fiction has been in rude health in 2012 - not least with James Bond's Skyfall proving to be box office catnip - and there's every reason to think that in 2013 we'll continue to see varied output from established authors and from writers new on the scene. If I can cover just a fraction of that good news on here, then I'll be happy.

We ended 2012 of course with Len publishing his first substantial book for many a year (see post below), giving for the first time in explicit detail his take on the origins of Bond. I know from previous conversations with Len that there are other written works on the stocks so to speak - a history of the fountain pen, and a history of the aero-engine - and it would be nice if these came to print in 2013.

As for more fiction? Well, who knows! Len's enjoying retirement and, with his 84th birthday in February and having produced over 100 books in a career that's delivered multiple international top sellers, he's perfectly entitled to have hung up his word processor for good when it comes to fiction. And after all, where does one go after the triple trilogy of the Samson series, the historical meisterwerk of Bomber or the tremendous historical re-appraising of Blood, Tears and Folly?

But ..... in the words of the title of the re-make of Thunderball to which Len contributed an early screenplay .... Never Say Never Again?

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