Tuesday 11 January 2011

Muggeridge & Deighton

Happy New Year to all readers of the Deighton Dossier blog!

With a new year comes a refresh to the content on the main website which accompanies this blog. In the section on Deighton and design I've created a new page with some fascinating designs he produced for Vogue magazine in 1962, when Deighton was working as a designer while starting to write what became The Ipcress File.

In addition, there's a fascinating interview of Deighton by the late Malcolm Muggeridge, journalist and former intelligence agent during the war, in the short-lived - but entertaining - 'men's magazine, King (think a tame UK version of Playboy). Over five pages the two writers talk at length about the Cold War and spy fiction, the comparisons with James Bond, and the character make-up of the modern spy, all over a menu chosen by Deighton.

A very rare article, which you can download from the website by following the links from the front page.

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  1. Muggeridge's comments on pornography are remarkable. His suggestion how a young boy might be better engaged, than looking at pornography, would win him a visit from the police if made today.