Sunday 26 April 2009

Can Deighton help the microwave generation?

Interesting new article here in The Guardian by its new columnist Rachel Cooke, reminiscing about Len Deighton's Action Cook Book. This, his most well-remembered of cook books from the sixties, is being reissued later this spring by Harper Collins in a new edition. Back in the sixties it made as much impact as The Ipcress File in its innovative approach, its direct marketing at the bachelor male, and its characteristic cook strip approach which was far in advance of anything that had gone before in a world more used to Mrs Beeton than Harry Palmer.

Cooke writes enthusiastically about her copy of the book, adding: "I hope the new Action Cook Book is a huge hit, and that a whole new generation of bachelors learn how to do truites à la meunière and sole bercy, thus making the lives of their future partners a lot more lovely." An entertaining little article, and we can expect to hear more about Len's impact on the world of cooking when the book comes out.

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