Sunday 10 February 2019

Follow this Twitter moment marking Len's upcoming 90th birthday.

The author running back to read the latest on the Deighton Dossier twitter feed
To mark Len Deighton's birthday on 18 February, I will post here and on the website an article gathering together both my thoughts and views and comments from other Deighton Dossier readers on the topic: 'what do Len Deighton's books mean to you as a reader?'

In the interim, if you are on Twitter do follow this Twitter Moment, which captures the regular tweets that have been going up containing snippets from some of his best-known books and reader responses to them, in the lead-up to 18 February


  1. I was expecting a good story, but the wit and humor in London Match is a wonderful surprise. Lots of really perceptive observations of how actual people act under all kinds of stressful situations too. What a thoroughly enjoyable experience reading this book. You may not enjoy writing books, Mr Deighton (as you say in a televised interview some years back( but we sure do enjoy reading them! Thanks.
    I was there when the Wall was taken down in Berlin in 1989 (what a party it was) and went through Checkpoint Charlie. I've learned so much about Germany from this book.

    -- Regards, Kate Delano-Condax Decker