Sunday, 1 January 2017

Full site update complete: The New Deighton Dossier is up and running

One of my Christmas/New Year projects was to complete the upgrade to the Deighton Dossier website and archive, which has been online seven years now!

The site now includes lots more interactive galleries, embedded video and new information not on the previous version. Importantly, it has plenty of scope for expansion.

I'm particularly keen to feature more third party content - if you have any images/commentary/ideas for features you'd like to see the DD address, I'd be happy to feature it on the website if it's suitable.

Check out the screen shots below of the new site:

I've now used more lightbox reveal boxes to ensure long content such as interviews is more self-contained and accessible, and dedicated sub-pages have been added where appropriate to make it easier to navigate. One thing I haven't been able to do successfully is integrate the existing hosted Blog; what I may do eventually is add in a built-in blog, and simply transfer the existing information across.

If you spot any errors, do please add some comments below and I'll address them.

Thanks for continuing to visit the blog and the website, which is now the top result on any Google search on Len Deighton!


  1. My name is Paul Murphy, I'm from Ottawa, Canada. I have always enjoyed this website and blog very much. Perhaps it's just me or my computer or tablet, but I am completely unable to make any of the links on the new website work (other than the link to this blog).

    1. I'm not sure what your issue is - the links (although you don't specify which - main menu, hyperlinks, page menus?) - are working fine as far as I can see - no one else has reported any issues with links.

  2. I just started reading the Samson series-I stumbled into them in a frenzied Cold War/Spy novel reading jag I got on last year, and I have to tell you, I just love every bit of them. I don't know if this is exactly where to tell you this, but I was just reading Spy Hook, and Bernie explains how he and Daphne are sort of war buddies because they both put up with Dicky day to day, and it was such a true thing--I just loved it.Tolstoy writes like that too- you recognize people and relationships as they truly are. Thank you so much--I absolutely love these books. -Genevieve