Sunday 21 December 2014

Wonderful images: the Berlin Wall Then & Now, courtesy of The Guardian

The way things were
I've just discovered on The Guardian's website this lovely photographic essay of the Berlin Wall, looking at classic images and then superimposing on them the exact same view as it exists today. Very interesting and well-designed piece, with commentaries, which shows just how utterly transformed the city is from its days as the fulcrum of the Cold War.

Really worth investigating.

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  1. Excellent indeed! Particularly for me, who visited Berlins ( West and East) before the Wall came down, each of this “then and now” views with the click of the mouse whizzes me fast through my memory lane and back.
    Thanks for this link, as it is interesting in one other topic area for me: D-day landing scenes. Some “then and now” scenes here too are very interesting to me; an American friend- actually a WWII veteran showed me in early 1970s (when I was studying in US), his “now” black and white pictures of his later visits to places where their army fought Germans after landing in Omaha beach on D-day pushing forward through Caen. He could only show “now” pictures (“now” to him was in 1960s) and explained what “then scene was” in each. He stayed in the US army in Germany after 1945 and until mid-1965. His pictures also included the West Berlin views of the Wall emerging in early 1960s.