Monday 8 December 2014

Immortalised in fabric ....

Discovered this on the Internet recently. Len Deighton is available as a collectible figure. As are a host of other literary personalities.

Very odd. But compellingly so!


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    1. Sorry a few typos in the previous post and I have corrected and posted it again. Simon

    2. The doll shop owner and creator of these dolls, Debbie Ritter says:
      “I enjoy classic literature ,well written history books, and interesting biographies, so I found myself wanting to create those characters and people I read about into my art work. Since I began doing this with very simplistic characters, I started challenging myself more and more and then started branching out to doing just about anyone, since we all know there is never a shortage of interesting people in this world!”
      The list of dolls includes such categories as : historical men and women, authors, literary characters, artists etc.. even Rushdie finds himself in the form of a doll as also Boyle! Reviews, many of them, of dolls have 5* ratings, including the doll of princess Diana in her wedding dress. This creator has hit a niche market similar to the one about miniature automobile models.
      It appears that the creator has focused on best selling authors in the authors category.
      Interesting commercial venture for this now Alabama resident. Is Huntsville anything to do with the expansion of her original hobby, in a city where there is little else for civilians to do if they are not working in one of the city’s heavy NASA-related rocket and space industries which arrived to add to the place’s initial military connection after WWII? I had been to this place-strictly, through it, during the dizzy days of space flights after the first man landed on the Moon, and wondered about the civilian life there. However, a quiet place away from the above bustle ( places of this importance are strictly constrained from civilian population growth, and are not urbanised much leaving plenty of open space) for retiree like this shop owner who has interests in history and literature and who needs the right atmosphere for her creativity.