Saturday 12 February 2011

Photoplay - a profile of Deighton from 1968

I've just managed to source a rare profile of Len Deighton from a 1968 Australian film magazine called Photoplay Film Monthly.

The article actually profiles two up and coming film directors; Carl Foreman, of Guns of Navarone production fame is one. Deighton is the other. He is interviewed because at the time he was bringing his second - and final - film production to the screen: Oh! What a Lovely War.

As was frequently the case at this time in his career when - with the moulah rolling in from three successful novels  - Deighton was at the height of his early success and a fixture on the London scene, reference is made to Deighton's use of one of the first radio phones in a car, and messaging service. In light of today's ubiquitous mobile phone, it does come across as rather dated, but fun.

Another noteworthy thing about the interview. Deighton indicates that he doesn't enjoy writing; indeed, his lack of enjoyment increases with every book. This is something he frequently refers to in interviews (when the publicity shy Deighton does them, of course). Interesting that his writing comes across as a result very much as a job of work. Perhaps that's no bad thing in a writer; keeps them focused.

Anyone clicking on this link can view the article on Google Docs; also included is a review from the same magazine of Only When I Larf, which had just come out.

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