Sunday 27 October 2019

Posting lull...

As you can infer from the image, there's been something of a posting lull on the Deighton Dossier blog website the past three months.

The site's been going for just over a decade and there's plenty of stuff on there ... I'm just taking a little bit of a break from posting on it.

But I will ensure that when there's interesting Deighton-related news or stories to post, I'll post them up here along with the main Dossier website.


  1. It is not merely a lull for 3 months, the subject matter of Deighton is petering out, not lasting for a long time, because: 1. Deighton is only familiar to say persons of certain vintage 2. Unlike Bond Deighton did nt create a single identifiable hero who his readers can relate to. 3. Unlike Bond franchise which has kept Bond's name on the big screen even after 57 years of first Bond appearing, Deigton for some reasons best known to him did not allow similar franchises, so that a common thread is created among his books which would have facilitated a film franchise. Le Carre has beautifully achieved this too.
    You can only 'milk' so much from otherwise very dormant Deighton's creativity of spy thrillers. If you want this blog to be active and vibrant, then best to find a way of bringing in other contemporary thriller writers and may be create a Deighton and Fleming link in someway.

  2. What I meant above was keeping Deighton as the pioneer in the background, picking one recent thriller in every week and discussing about his/her novels. This will attract more responses and at the same time anchoring Deighton in the background for analyses.