Tuesday 15 January 2019

Share your thoughts ahead of Len Deighton's 90th birthday

The Deighton Dossier wants to hear from you!

Next month - 18 February, to be precise - Len Deighton, the English author whose various works this website discusses and celebates, will turn 90.

I want to mark this with special posts on this blog, the main Deighton Dossier website, linked to on the Facebook page and on Twitter.

But rather than just write my thoughts, I'd like to draw on the small but dedicated community of Deighton readers/watchers who follow this blog and the related social media sites, to create a true fan's perspective on Len Deighton, to mark this milestone birthday.

You can do that in two ways:

  • Complete a simple, 3-question survey on Survey Monkey to find out - hopefully, in a definitive way - readers' favourite books
  • Share your thoughts on what Deighton's books mean to you as a reader, by dropping an email to me at deightondossier AT icloud DOT com

The 'exam question' is simple - tell us:

What do Len Deighton's books mean to you as a reader?

That gives you plenty of scope to be creative and share thoughts with other readers in the Deighton-reading community, and the wider spy fiction community. 

I'd like to get as many inputs as possible. To keep things manageable, follow these guidelines:
  • 250 words maximum
  • Be concise and to the point
  • Tell us your name (or if you'd prefer, initials) and your country e.g John Smith, Bulgaria, to be associated with your contribution

If, however, you have more to say, I am happy to also consider longer contributions from Deighton Dossier readers on this broad theme, which I can then add as separate posts on the blog and on social media.

Also, remember to use this hashtag on social media: #LenDeighton90


  1. Dear Len,
    Best wishes for your birthday.
    Your work has enriched my life enormously. I remember the first time I read ‘Ipcress’ so well.
    It was a new, different and better type of thriller that so captured the zeitgeist of those exciting times and it started my relay with your writing that has spanned well over fifty years.
    You have thrilled me, educated me and made me laugh. What more could a reader ask for.
    Thanks a million and enjoy your day.
    Warm Regards,
    David Craggs.

  2. Great idea, Rob. In an era where we really only wax about someone after they've shuffled off, one of the greats for once gets to preview some rough drafts of his own obituary! Will have a think about your exam question.