Wednesday 20 June 2018

Not soft, but hard boiled

Some eggs, yesterday.
Last year, on this blog, I posted up link to an article by Dr Robert Lance Snyder, a retired US academic, in an English literature periodical looking at the literary context and impact of Len Deighton's first book, The Ipcress File.

Well, over the winter, Dr Snyder's clearly been busy. He's recently produced another lengthy academic textual analysis of Len Deighton's fiction more broadly, which is published in last month's edition of Papers on Language & Literature, 54.2 (Spring 2018): 155-86.

Titled "Arabesques of the Final Pattern", his paper draws links back to Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and the 'hard-boiled' detective story, and uses this genre as a jumping off point to explore how Deighton uses elements of this literary style in his Cold War fiction.

Dr Snyder's shared with me a .pdf copy of the article, which Dossier readers can access via this Dropbox link

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