Saturday 28 November 2015

Caine: "Ipcress File always my favourite ..."

Michael Caine is out and about - this time in New Zealand - doing the promotional tour for the new he stars in, Youth.

In this interview in the New Zealand Herald News, Caine looks back at his film career, and confirms that he has always had fond memories of starring in The Ipcress File. in which he played Harry Palmer or "...James Bond Three-and-a-half".

Nice interview, and great to see Caine still supremely active in cinema at 82, showing no signs of slowing down!


  1. I'd read once that Caine has often regretted that he didn't do a few more Harry Palmer films. Would have been great to see him as Palmer in the 1970s.
    Personally, I think he got pretty close as the MI5 agent in "The Fourth Protocol" in 1987.

  2. Not surprised at all. Although to me: "Funeral in Berlin " is the best Caine-Harry Palmer Film- I may be biased here, because,I very much appreciated Deighton's knowledge of the two Berlins. I
    I saw in 1965 while watching the film, "the Ipcress File" the nameless hero in that novel was indeed Caine aka Harry Palmer, just as I saw in 1962, while watching the film,"Dr No",James Bond in the novel was indeed Sean Connery.