Thursday 28 November 2013

Questions, questions .....


I may be catching up again with Len soon.

He's indicated he might be up for doing another Deighton Dossier Q&A (no promises, mind).

So..... questions you might like answered?

Post them below!


  1. Questions for Len, see my under post:

  2. Rob,
    If you still have an opportunity, I would love to know how Len feels about contemporary spy fiction.
    There is a great deel of nostalgia surrounding the cold war. Len, obviously, wrote contemporaneously. Does he feel the current geo-political and intelligence world holds the same level of intrigue? Current spy fiction is very tech focussed, detailing global communications and counter terrorism scenarios rather than the intensities of interpersonal relationships in that civil service world that Len brings so vividly to life.
    Great site and blog,
    Thank you.. Cameron Duncan.

  3. Cameron - I passed the question on to Len, and I hope he'll answer it as part of the Q&A he's happy to work on for the New Year.