Thursday 7 April 2011

Lunch with Len .....

I was pleased to have the opportunity today to have lunch with Len Deighton, his wife, and Edward Milward-Oliver, author of the indispensable Len Deighton Companion and currently working on a biography of Len.

Much interesting chit-chat over lunch about film production, the Game Set and Match TV adaptation, the narrative arc of Bernard Samson in the Game Set and Match series, Len's books on fountain pens and the history of the aero engine, and the progress on plans for a film adaptation of Bomber, which was first recorded last year on this blog.

Len was happy enough to answer questions from blog readers and those on the forum, the discussion of which I recorded on my iPhone, which ...... has subsequently failed to yield up a second of the conversation recorded. So for the moment I will just say that Len is on good form and, I'm pleased to say, appreciative of the Deighton Dossier blog and website.

The lesson of all this, however: don't rely on technology!

Update: Len has agreed to do a question & answer interview for this blog, which I'll edit and post up when I get his responses to the questions I sent him, which were drawn from suggestions from readers of this blog. Keep visiting the blog to check out his answers when this is up, as this will be one of the first interview's Len's given in a long time.


  1. Good to hear that LD is in good health.

    When is the biography likely to be published?

    S Radmore

  2. Nothing specific confirmed yet, but he's making good progress by all accounts.