Saturday 2 May 2009

A man who can

A very interesting trip for me to Leicester to see James Pickard, book dealer and expert in all things Deighton, Fleming and Le Carre (he wrote the widely-acknowledged best bibliography of Ian Fleming's work), so he knows his onions when it comes to all the stories about the books which made these authors' careers. Through him I've now added some real gems to my Len Deighton collection and plugged a few gaps. His 'shop' is a real treasure trove of gems which would make most readers weak at the knees, and he's a great source of stories - he told me he was partly responsible for getting Len Deighton to contribute the foreword to the second edition of 'The Battle for Bond', the book which initially was banned by Ian Fleming's estate because of potentially libellous content. You can find a link to James' website on the link list on this blog.

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